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California Commentary

Jon Coupal is President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and the former Director of Legal Affairs for HJTA. A recognized expert in California fiscal affairs, he has argued many tax cases before the courts.

California Commentary

Just 7 Weeks to Go

It’s election season and we are hearing a lot of happy talk from the Sacramento politicians. After all, they want to be reelected so they are painting a rosy picture of their stewardship of our state.  Read more >>

High Speed Rail and Climate Change Nonsense

Over the last decade and a half, numerous surveys have confirmed that voters distrust government on several levels including waste, corruption and lack of responsiveness to legitimate public needs.  Read more >>

Welcome to Corruptifornia

For several years, the Golden State has tried to be number one among all states in tax burden. But now we seem to be striving for a new number one title: The most corrupt state in America.  Read more >>

Do L.A. Pols Want a Bribe to Provide Basic Services?

A proposal supported by some members of the Los Angeles City Council begs the question: Just what do we pay taxes for?  Read more >>

Gone to Texas

Texas Governor Rick Perry is returning to California, and to left-leaning politicians in Sacramento he is about as welcome as Godzilla in Tokyo.  Read more >>