California Commentary from 05/2011

Your Money or Your Life?

Jerry Brown and his tax-happy allies in the Legislature have just been handed a huge gift by the US Supreme Court. The Court has confirmed the state must release thousands of inmates to relieve prison overcrowding.  Read more >>

The Legislature Wants to Choke Off Your Voice

Despite the fact that Californians overwhelmingly support the right of the people to place measures on the ballot, the initiative process is under attack like never before in the Legislature.  Read more >>

May Revise or May Reprise?

In 1978, when voters enacted the landmark Prop 13, Jerry Brown was Governor and Democrats controlled both houses of the legislature. Voters passed Prop 13 to send a message to government: stop destroying California with your endless grab on our money to cover up your inability to properly manage an affordable government.  Read more >>

Before Raising Taxes, 'Wait a Minute'

It’s been reported that Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn told a friend, “The three most important words in the English Language are, ‘Wait… a… minute.’” Rayburn, who served in Congress from 1913 to 1961, is an icon of the Democratic Party and his counsel would be of immense value to Jerry Brown and his free-spending allies in the Legislature.  Read more >>

Capone Would Be Proud

Cue the opening theme from the old “Untouchables” TV show that portrayed federal agents fighting Prohibition Era organized crime. In this week’s episode, two men carrying baseball bats enter a small store and tell the proprietor they are selling “insurance.” The first payment is due now. This is referred to by law enforcement as a “protection racket.”  Read more >>

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