New HJTA radio ad: No New Tax Hikes!

Click here to listen to HJTA's latest radio commercial, a news alert of the Sacramento politicians' most recent scare tactics to raise the taxes of Californians.

We expect those who SUPPORT higher taxes to whine about our claims.
But there's no arguing with the facts, and our sources are easy to check:

CLAIM: "California has the highest state sales tax rate and the highest gas tax in the nation." Yes, California does indeed have the highest state sales tax rate in the nation at 8.25% (does not include local sales taxes). The next highest state tax rate is 7%.
SOURCE: Tax Foundation 2010 State Business Tax Climate Index.

CLAIM: "We have the third highest income tax." California has the third worst state income tax in the entire nation: 9.55% at $46,349, 10.55% at $1,000,000.
SOURCE: Tax Foundation 2010 State Business Tax Climate Index.

CLAIM: "Even with Prop. 13, we rank in the top third in property taxes." California property taxes per home were the 10th highest in the nation in 2008.
SOURCE: Income tax — Tax Foundation Tax Data, State and Local Property Tax Collections Per Capita by State, Fiscal Year 2008.
SOURCE: Property tax — Tax Foundation Tax Data, Property Taxes on Owner-Occupied Housing by State, 2004-2009.

CLAIM: "California ranks dead last as a place to do business; our credit rating is the lowest of all states and home values continue to plummet."
SOURCE: Business rating — CEO magazine, May 6, 2011.
SOURCE: Credit rating — various rating agencies, esp. Standard and Poor's downgrade from A+ to A. Most states are AAA.
SOURCE: Home values — Bloomberg. "Southern California home prices fell 1.8% in April from a year earlier as distressed properties accounted for half of purchases and mortgages were hard to get, according to DataQuick Information Systems Inc."

CLAIM: "While working families are suffering, Jerry Brown and tax-grabbing lawmakers are cutting sweetheart deals with government-employee union bosses who contributed millions of dollars to their political campaigns."
SOURCE: California Secretary of State Official Campaign Filings/Cal-Access website. For campaign finance information about Governor Brown, see:

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