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Government Spending

NEWS: California Democrats seek higher revenue, more spending

The Associated Press reports rank-and-file Democratic lawmakers in California say they are agreeing to less spending than they wanted so they could pass the budget on time, but they will push for funding pet projects next year when they expect the state's tax revenue will be coming in higher than the Brown administration projects.

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NEWS: LAO recommends $4.5 billion CalSTRS rate hike reports The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office has recommended that the Legislature adopt a plan to fully fund CalSTRS in 30 years — an estimated cost of $4.5 billion a year, a hefty addition to current annual contributions totaling $5.7 billion.

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NEWS: California budget increasingly goes to salaries, healthcare, report says

The Los Angeles Times reports despite Governor Brown's emphasis on sending more money to universities and local schools, a new report by Standford University's California Common Sense research group says those two areas have lost ground to the growing costs of salaries and retirement benefits for public employees.

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OPINION: Steven Greenhut: Harris distorts democracy to aid unions

Steven Greenhut's piece for the Orange County Register accusing California Attorney General Kamala Harris of distorting the official descriptions of the two ballot initiatives submitted by California Pension Reform that would rein in the unsustainable costs of the state's pension system.

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EDITORIAL: Spending Cap Plan Gives California Real Choice in '12

Investor's Business Daily explains how the high number of tax initiatives on this year'ss ballot could be conducive to getting the proposed Government Spending Limit Act of 2012 passed.

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