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Howard Jarvis

Proposition 62

Proposition 62 was Howard Jarvis' last initiative. He led the effort to qualify it for the ballot but passed away a few months before the November 1986 election when it was to face the voters.  Read more >>

The History of HJTA

Our Mission

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers' rights, including the right to limited taxation, the right to vote on tax increases and the right of economical, equitable and efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

Today, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has grown with the support of more than a quarter-million taxpayers!

Our beginnings  Read more >>

Howard Jarvis Showed the Way

As Proposition 13 reached its 30th anniversary on June 6th, there were no protests over high property taxes in the Golden State. Proposition 13 still has it opponents and critics, but in recent polls voters still support Prop 13 by the same two-to-one margin it passed by three decades ago.  Read more >>

To Voters, Proposition 13 Is Still a Winner

A just-completed survey of California voters shows that, even after three decades, Proposition 13 enjoys overwhelming support.  Read more >>

Proposition 13 & the Property Tax Revolts of 2007


Howard Jarvis, the leader of California's most famous tax revolt, passed away in 1986. But in the spring and summer of 2007 his name continually popped up in newspaper articles across the United States. Property tax troubles were brewing throughout the country and Jarvis's prodigy, property tax-cutting Proposition 13, was remembered by beleaguered taxpayers as something to be emulated to protect against out-of-control levels of taxation.  Read more >>