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Local Taxes

EDITORIAL: HJTA helps draw battle lines over taxpayer rights in Orange County

Charter Amendment 617, a controversial budget initiative in Huntington Beach, will be on the ballot this November thanks to financial backing from the HJTA. Standing up for local taxpayers shows that the HJTA is ready to "put its money where its mouth is," says the Orange County Register.

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NEWS: Huntington Beach Councilman Devin Dwyer finds tax ally in HJTA

In 2002, the citizens of Huntington Beach voted to put 15% of their city budget toward infrastructure improvements. But city lawyers found a loophole that let them spend the money otherwise. Now, with help from the HJTA, Councilman Devin Dwyer hopes to close that loophole and teach the city a lesson in fiscal responsibility.

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ARTICLE: Calpers Causes More Pain for Taxpayers

As this article in the Wall Street Journal explains, Calpers' billions in stock market losses will be made up by cutting funds at the city level. City budgets, which are already stressed by the state government's debt will be forced by the giant pension fund to cut their programs even more. As the article concludes however, this burden will not stay on the cities for long; it will soon be reflected, once again onto the taxpayers, drawing even more money from hard-working families.  Read more >>

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An Update on Critical Cases

Silicon Valley Taxpayers Assn. v. Santa Clara Open Space AuthorityLandmark Victory!
In November 2001, the Santa Clara Open Space Authority levied a flat $20 annual assessment on every homeowner within an 800-square-mile area to pay for open space preservation. However, since the Authority does not possess the power of eminent domain, it could not commit to acquiring any specific property.  Read more >>

May 19, a Big Win for Taxpayers

An open message to California Taxpayers...

With a 66% “no” vote, taxpayers have just sent the Sacramento politicians a strong message with the defeat of Proposition 1A — the $16 billion tax increase.

Sacramento, we're on to you! You are making war on working taxpayers and families and we are not going to take it anymore!  Read more >>