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Proposition 1A

OPINION: High-Speed Train Wreck

Cynthia Ward of City Journal writes about the continued waste and mismanagement surrounding the California High Speed Rail Authority's efforts to push forward with the construction of a high speed rail train.

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EDITORIAL: No. 1 in all the Wrong Ways

California led the nation with the largest tax increase last year. Had voters, not defeated the Proposition 1A tax increase by 2 to 1, California's taxes would have increased by $28 billion. With voters unwilling to raise taxes even higher, politicians will need to get spending under control by reducing the number of state employees or reducing the generous benefits package new state hires currently enjoy.

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ARTICLE: Voters Have Had Enough

In this article from, the author shares his perspective on the “political earthquake” caused by voters’ vehement rejection of five out of six propositions on the special election ballot. He says that this event may reflect how voters will handle the budget crisis that will soon face the United States as a whole.  Read more >>

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Press Release from HJTA: Welcome Back Arnold

Press Release from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
May 2, 2009
Welcome Back Arnold

Taxpayers who defeated Prop. 1A: “Governor has seen the light.”  Read more >>

Defeat of Prop. 1A Is a Win for Business

The phrase "feeding the alligators" is a metaphor about the dangers of appeasement. One may be able to buy temporary peace by feeding a threatening alligator, but the problem is that the alligator will, sooner or later, get hungry again. And because it was previously fed, it is now larger and more dangerous.  Read more >>