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Proposition 88

Stunning Taxpayer Victories Tempered By Debt Doubts

In politics, sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. Just ask the national Republican Party.

However, there is no doubt that California taxpayers "ate bear" last week by scoring some great electoral victories. First, the four statewide tax increase measures on the statewide ballot were soundly defeated. Propositions 86, 87, 88 and 89 would all have increased taxes on somebody and would have resulted in additional costs to everyone.  Read more >>

Prop. 88 Puts Prop. 13 in Jeopardy

Homeowners are easy targets. Typically, we commit most of our working lives to pay for a home. For many, it is our greatest financial asset, our security, as well as that place on earth where we feel most at ease. We will go to almost any lengths to protect and preserve our family homes.

This is why, for those who are constantly searching for more government revenue, homeowners and others who pay property taxes were juicy targets -- until the passage of Proposition 13, that is.  Read more >>

Tax Schizophrenia on the Ballot

Taxes have become the featured player this election season. Most of the tax talk revolves around Governor Schwarzenegger's hardcore no new taxes pledge -- a position that appears warmly embraced by the California electorate if polls are any indication. But many of the ballot propositions also propose new taxes or affect existing ones, including Props 1A, 86, 87, 88 and 89.  Read more >>

Widely Diverse Coalition Opposes Proposition 88

If David and Goliath were alive today, they would likely take time out from their battle to cast a ballot against Proposition 88. So, too, would the feuding Hatfields and McCoys. Such is the diversity and unanimity of opposition to this ill-conceived tax increase.  Read more >>

What's Theirs Is Theirs and So Is What's Yours

One of the quirky qualities of government bureaucrats is that they regard all money as fungible. They have no qualms about raising taxes for a purpose that is attractive to voters and then spending the additional funds on something else.  Read more >>