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NEWS: California lawmakers consider expanding teacher tenure

While a recent court decision ruled California's teacher tenure policies are unconstitutional for disproportionately depriving poor children of a quality education, Reuters reports one legislator is still moving forward with a union-backed bill to expand tenure to even more schools. The proposal has confused policymakers because it appears to directly contradict the recent ruling.

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OPINION: Vallejo, California, Likely Headed for Second Bankruptcy

Writing for the New American, Bob Adelmann explains how union pensions are once again pushing Vallejo, CA to the verge of bankruptcy, despite the struggling city having only emerged from its first bankruptcy just two years ago.

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OPINION: Transparency Website Shows True Cost of Unionized Government in California

With the launch of, Union Watch's Ed Ring explains how the online payroll and pension database lays out the exuberant cost of unionized government employees.

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OPINION: Dan Walters: Yes, California cities do have a serious pension problem

Dan Walters, writing for the Fresno Bee, explains how pension obligations are consuming ever-larger portions of local municipal budgets, squeezing out money for other services. Payments into the state’s public pension fund played central roles in the bankruptcy of three cities and the one that has emerged from bankruptcy, Vallejo, is already back in distress.

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NEWS: Two years after bankruptcy, California city again mired in pension debt

The Tidewater Review reports less than two years after exiting bankruptcy, the city of Vallejo, California, is again facing a budget crisis as soaring pension costs, which were left untouched in the bankruptcy reorganization, eat up an ever-growing share of tax revenues.

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