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REPORT: California Business Taxes Ranked Third Highest

The Small Business Entrepreneurship Council released a report ranking California business taxes as third highest in the nation, behind only New Jersey and Minnesota. California moved up a place this year due to major tax increases recently enacted.

Click Here to read the article and view a map of state rankings.

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REPORT: The Most Tax-Burdened States

A new study by the Pacific Research Institute finds California has the nation's highest tax burden. The study also looked at burden of government, ranking California fourth. The authors point out the high burden of government does not translate into high quality services.

Click Here to read the article.

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Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation (HJTF) is the research, education and legal arm of the Jarvis organization.

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The California High Speed Rail Proposal: A Due Diligence Report

A just-released study, The California High Speed Rail Proposal: A Due Diligence Report by transportation experts Wendell Cox and Joseph Vranich, documents the actual costs of the project, which are greatly at odds with the estimates put out by promoters of Proposition 1A. The study, jointly sponsored by the Reason Foundation, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation and Citizens Against Government Waste, can be viewed here.  Read more >>

After 30 years, Prop. 13 still winner with California voters, poll shows

A just-completed survey of California voters shows that Proposition 13, Howard Jarvis' landmark tax limitation measure approved by two-to-one in 1978, has overwhelming support today.  Read more >>