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California Businesses

OPINION: Exporting Hollywood: Liberal Policies Driving Film Industry From California

James Lacy writing for explains how many of the liberal policies championed by major Hollywood players are also driving the film industry out of California.

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OPINION: State already taxes oil in many ways

Catherine Reheis-Boyd of SF Gate argues that despite claims to the contrary, California benefits greatly from the oil produced here, including $6 billion in tax revenues from oil companies.

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OPINION: Raising California’s Minimum Wage May Kill More Jobs Than People Think's Scott Shackford explains how the proposed increase in California's minimum wage could kill not only low wage hourly jobs, but also middle wage salaried jobs as well.

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OPINION: California’s doldrums continue

Citing the recent closure of San Diego based pharmaceutical company Amylin by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Michael Rosen of the Union Tribune points out that even companies based in tax and regulation heavy states like New York don't want to do business in California.

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NEWS: MetLife Shipping Jobs Out Of California To Save On Taxes

CBS News reports insurance giant MetLife Inc. is moving 2,600 jobs from offices in four Northeast states and California to North Carolina, which is offering tax and other incentives that could top $94 million.

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