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NEWS: California's Governor Wants Water Tunnels. Antitax Group Wants to Know Who Pays

Bloomberg News reports on a letter sent to the California Resource Agency by HJTA asking the state to produce a detailed financing plan on a proposed $25 billion tunnel that would transport snowmelt to farms and cities.

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OPINION: California budget “surplus”? …Nope, not so much.

Erika Johnsen, writing for explains how the budget "surplus" Governor Brown has prided himself on is nothing more than accounting gimmickry.

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OPINION: California's Vanishing "Surplus

Peter Hannaford of The American Spectator explains how despite increased revenue from the passage of Proposition 30, California’s economy continues to head south. The highest state corporate tax rates, sales and gasoline taxes in the country, combined with a heavy regulatory burden, continue to drive business away.

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NEWS: Brown budget plan faulted on bullet train, teacher pensions

According to the Los Angeles Times, a new report by the Legislative Analyst's Office concluded Governor Brown's new budget proposal would continue to improve California's finances, but his plans for financing bullet train construction and a lack of new money for the cash-strapped teacher pension system are troublesome.

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OPINION: The Myth of a California Renaissance

Victor Hanson of the National Review refutes claims that Governor Brown has "pulling California back from the brink of disaster", stating that stat unemployment has increased significantly in the recent month and the so-called "wall of debt" is in the hundreds of billions, not the $35 billion that has been claimed.

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