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OPINION: California not so bad?!

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin disputes a Los Angeles Times op-ed by Bill Lockyer and Stephen Levy trying to convince readers that California is "not so bad."

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OPINION: Doug McIntyre: Rain's not the only thing that's soaking us

Los Angeles Daily News columnist Doug McIntyre highlights the continued influence of special interest groups over the California legislative process and how taxpayers suffer the consequences.

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EDITORIAL: Two Californias

Victor Davis Hanson of the National Review tells of his observations of California's Central Valley and its deteriorating conditions due to the State's inability to control illegal immigration, while continuing to strangle its citizens with excessive regulation.

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OPINION: Steven Greenhut: Brown tips his hand on taxes

Is everything really on the table in regards to budget reform, as Jerry Brown has been apt to say? According to Steven Greenhut in his article for the OC Register, it's only more political jargon to convince Californians that higher taxes are inevitable.

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NEWS: Brown may ask voters to rip off budget 'Band-Aid'

TheLos Angeles Times reports that Governor-elect Jerry Brown is considering holding a special election, which would give voters the opportunity to vote on tax increases or cuts to government services in an effort to rein in the State's out of control budget deficit.

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