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By the Numbers

This new portal contains a wealth of financial and statistical information for cities and counties around the state, allowing visitors to track spending, revenues, assets, and liabilities with a simple click of the mouse:

Click here to visit the website  Read more >>

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Transparent California

Transparent California provides a Searchable Database of Salaries for Every City, County, and State Official.

Click here to visit the website.

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Resolution in support of Prop.13

Click here to view a list of local governments and others who have passed resolutions supporting Prop. 13.

This resolution honors Proposition 13 for the benefits it provides to individual homeowners, renters, local governments and to the state's overall economy.  Read more >>

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Form a Political Action Committee

If you are interested in forming a Political Action Committee, please follow the link listed below to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) website for information on related regulations and legal requirements. You may also contact the FPPC directly by calling 1-866-ASK-FPPC.

Click here to visit the website.  Read more >>

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Form a Local Taxpayer Group

Local Taxpayer Group
With California taxes at record highs and unjust tax proposals on the ballot, it's time for public action. You can act at the local level by forming a Local Taxpayer Group. Click below to see a handbook explaining in detail how to plan, organize and operate your own Local Taxpayer Group to most effectively challenge unjust legislation. You can fight City Hall and WIN!

Click here to view the Local Taxpayer Group Handbook.  Read more >>

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