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You can make a huge difference in protecting Prop. 13 and Prop. 218 (the Right to Vote on Taxes Act) by contacting your Assembly and State Senate Representatives.

Every day, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association battles with tax-and-spenders at the State Capitol in order to protect taxpayers' rights. But lawmakers really pay attention when they hear directly from their own constituents.

A call or a brief e-mail message from you can have a big impact and help counter the influence of the special interests pleading for higher taxes.

The letter templates on the right will give you an idea of how to compose a communication to your Representatives. You are welcome to cut and paste, but your own words are always the most powerful message.

When contacting your Legislator, remember that the best way to get their attention is to be polite, stick to the point and ask for specific action.

Thank you for supporting HJTA's efforts to protect taxpayers!

Don't know your legislators? We can help. Click on the button below for a list of
State Assembly Members and State Senators, including their addresses.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men [and women] do nothing." — Edmund Burke

Find your legislators.

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