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Tax Increase

OPINION: Exporting Hollywood: Liberal Policies Driving Film Industry From California

James Lacy writing for explains how many of the liberal policies championed by major Hollywood players are also driving the film industry out of California.

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NEWS: Torlakson: Proposition 30 tax increases should be extended

Sacramento Bee reports state schools chief Tom Torlakson is calling for an extension of Proposition 30 beyond its full expiration in 2018, as California begins to see tax surpluses.

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EDITORIAL: Higher taxes don't prevent higher debt

An editorial by the Orange County Register explaining how attempts to solve state debt problems through tax increases have not helped the state through a rough patch, but are, in fact, enabling California to go deeper into debt.

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NEWS: California: Proposed vehicle license fee hike would raise $3 billion a year to fix roads

Mercury Times reports a group called Transportation California and the California Alliance for Jobs will decide early next year whether to seek signatures to put a measure on the November 2014 ballot that would more than double the often controversial vehicle license fee to raise $3 billion a year to repair pothole ridden roads.

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NEWS: CalTax reports Lawmakers have proposed more than $11 billion in taxes and fees

In a review of the 2,503 bills introduced in the California Assembly and Senate since December, CalTax identifi ed 66 that would increase taxes
or fees.

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